YouTube SEO 2022: Rank your Videos, Increase Views And CTR

Usually, Google, Microsoft Bing, and Yahoo are the search engines. Yet YouTube is one of the top search engines in the world, with over 2 billion active monthly users. Most people view YouTube as a social media site, yet it functions like a normal search engine. Visitors type their queries and receive a list of relevant videos. If you do YouTube SEO properly you can rank  video in YouTube search.

I will show you how to Rank your YouTube videos in this Post.

It all begins with keyword research for YouTube videos.

To find the right keywords for your YouTube videos, follow these steps:

 Generate a list of potential keywords first.

You can use tools like SEMrush, ahrefs, etc. for keyword research of YouTube videos. You can also use google ads keyword planner tool and for free

Here are some tips for finding YouTube keywords:

Using YouTube’s Search Suggest feature is one of my favorite strategies.

Simply type a phrase or word into YouTube, and you’ll receive results…

…and YouTube will bring up a list of relevant keywords:


Create highly engaging videos: YouTube SEO 2022

YouTube aims to help users find videos they are interested in viewing.

To maximize long-term engagement and satisfaction with the content.

When you match a user’s search reason, you’re more likely to be seen Video takes up time. This is how we create high-retention videos. Before you create your videos, make sure you plan them well. It isn’t a good idea to accidentally stumble over your work while making how-to videos. Don’t use sloppy words or demonstrations.

A proper plan allows you to keep your ideas on point and gives you the advantage of planning intentionally. Including keywords within your video, which people believe YouTube uses in its ranking algorithm.


Secondly, you need to start with a strong hook.

Your video’s first 10-15 seconds are critical to its success. You will lose viewers before you even have a chance to deliver value if you skip the hook.

Since every niche is different, there isn’t a single formula that works for everyone. Especially when it comes to how-to and informational videos.

Thirdly, your videos need to be edited strategically.

Rather than impressing you every time we create a video, we focus on quality. Instead of giving you a full-blown editing tutorial, let me share a few tips.

First, use jump cuts.

Jump cuts are transitions from one shot to another by moving from one position to another. It creates the effect of the scene “jumping,” hence, the name, “jump cut.”

This adds dynamics to a video and helps polish mistakes. Second, focus on what you want your audience to see. It is not necessary to use fancy effects, but you should make sure that they can be followed by your audience to avoid confusion.

Last but not least, entertain with stories or narratives. YouTube SEO 2022 you should think about it.

SEO optimization for YouTube videos

The four things you need to do to optimize your YouTube page are: There is a Title, Description, Tags, and a Thumbnail for each Post or video. Each of these factors contributes to the context of your video as well as to your bottom line:

Click-through-rates. In the end, no clicks equal no views. According to YouTube, here are a few best practices for creating searchable and clickable videos.

  • The first tip is to use your keyword in your title. 

While YouTube recommends using the most relevant search terms in your title and description, they do not recommend using them excessively as long as they are genuine and not excessive. When it comes to your headline, you don’t want to risk your “click-ability” simply because you want to include a partial match to your target keyword.

  • The second tip is to keep your titles under 60-90 characters.

It is recommended to keep your titles brief, with the most important information up front. When it comes to SEO, this will usually mean placing your target keyword near the beginning of your title.

  • The third tip is to come up with titles that attract curiosity or highlight benefits.

It would be best if you wrote YouTube titles that are unique, catchy, and don’t exceed a maximum length of 90 characters. You should also include key elements like numbers, keywords, and power words to ensure that your video gets the most views and gets the most attention from your audience. Avoid using clickbait – visitors need to get precisely the content they expected from the title, plus some additional information on top of that.

  • The fourth point of advice is to create a thumbnail that fits your title and description.

In my opinion, is the most challenging part to execute on an ongoing basis. In terms of the reality that 91 percent is the majority, we chose to describe the video using thumbnail text.

Here are the specifications for a complete YouTube video thumbnail:

Image Format: JPG, GIF, BMP, or PNG
Size max: 1280x720px
Size Min: 640x360px
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
File Size Max: 2MB

Tip’s :

  1. Select an image that expresses emotions.
  2. Show your thumbnail a face
  3. Boost views with a high quality image
  4. Make the Thumbnail Text as Perfect as Possible
  • The next video optimization tip is to write searchable descriptions.

When written correctly, descriptions can provide valuable information to viewers, helping them reach your video in search results and understand what they might be watching. In addition, because they help your video’s visibility in search results, well-written descriptions with appropriate keywords can increase views and viewing times.

Tips :

  1. Instead of a stream of keywords compared to a transcript, take a natural language overview of your video.
  2. Most relevant keywords should be included at the beginning of your description.
  3. Choose 1-2 keywords that best characterize your video, and be sure to include them clearly in both the description and title.
  4. Use Google Trends and Google Ads Keyword Planner to gather information to identify popular keywords and their synonyms. Then, including these words in your content can help you increase search traffic.
  • YouTube Video Tags.

The use of tags can also help you rank on YouTube by giving your video context. Search and suggest. To make this easier, YouTube recommends that its users add keywords and phrases related to their videos.



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