What’s the difference between WordPress & Medium? First, we break down complex and confusing concepts.

WordPress VS Medium

Should you choose WordPress as an alternative to Medium as your blog or website platform? To some extent, this argument is wrong, as the two instruments differ on a fundamental level. However, they are different, and that doesn’t make one fundamentally better than the other. And you can use both together without any problem!

Anyone who is a member of Medium is already aware of the service. An introductory note for those who don’t already have an account on Medium:

In August 2012, Twitter co-founder Evan Williams launched his platform for online writing, Medium. It has a variety of writers ranging from beginners to professionals. The platform’s primary objective was to make it as simple as possible for those who had that competency to share the attention. The site’s popularity has grown significantly due to the partner program, which gives authors the ability to create professional-looking posts and earn money every time their content is viewed.

To start a blog on Medium, what are you likely to do?

In a matter of seconds, you can get started with Medium. To get started is to create an account and start writing.

People appreciate Medium Editor because it provides a distraction-free writing experience.

WordPress is the easiest, most popular way to build your website or blog at its most basic level. 40.0% of all websites on the Internet run on WordPress. This is correct; WordPress is the platform powering one-quarter of all the websites you visit.

The early days of WordPress were more about creating personal blogs than traditional websites. However, it has not been accurate for a long time. With improvements to core coding and the incredible number of plugins and themes available on the WordPress platform, you can now have any type of website built on WordPress.

For example,

Blogs website


Online businesses

E-Commerce stores


Social networks


With both WordPress and Medium websites, you can create an external backlink for your website; this will increase the domain authority, which will help you rank the post in google.

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