Best WordPress SEO Guide –Improve Your Site Rank 100X 2022 updated

The more you understand Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the more you will benefit from this tutorial. This tutorial describes all aspects of SEO, with a proper focus on the complexities.

If you are a small business owner, blogger, e-commerce store, or niche-related site, your site needs to rank in Google. You cannot drive visitors to your site or store without ranking in Google.

Let’s go deeper into this tutorial.

What Is SEO / Search Engine Optimization in Simple Words?

Search Engine Optimization is a term that stands for SEO. This is a website owner’s preferred approach to getting more visitors by getting ahead of the competition in the search engine rankings.

SEO is not about fooling Google or manipulating the system. Using optimized code and formatting is the key to making your website easy to find on search engines.

When you publish SEO-optimized material, individuals searching for your keywords will find your website higher in search results, which leads to more significant traffic.

Why Is WordPress SEO Important ?

WordPress itself is not a solution to a good SEO technique. While there is no doubt that CMS reduces your time and allows you to follow guidelines without expertise,You need to recognize that you will need to work hard to get your site ranked on the search engines.

Before you learn how to optimize your WordPress site and start boosting your organic traffic, you should make sure that you have already covered the following topics to have a high level of confidence in building your site.

  • Choose a WordPress theme that is SEO-friendly.

The first step after starting a blog is to select an impressive and engaging theme. While WordPress has a wide range of themes, I frequently find people making the wrong selections that might harm their business on the internet.

The majority of newbies eventually choose a theme that appears astounding without even knowing how SEO is connected to WordPress themes.

I have many friends who only show layouts and demo themes and never look back on the technical elements of a theme.

 Why is your theme a important SEO Element ?

 After years of experience with SEO, I think that WordPress themes have a part in deciding but not directly the site’s SEO performance. It is not a theme that might give you more outstanding results or a particular theme that can harm your SEO.

Most of the UX contributes to WordPress themes on a website. Themes impact UX signals, such as response, quick loading, optimized interface, and many other variables that are likely to be included in Google’s Core Web Vitals update, from the transition loading to the content Structures.

Google Ranks Fast Page Loading Themes According To Its Algorithm, so if you choose an SEO-friendly theme that will rank fast in a comparatively good looking or low quality coded theme.

If you are starting a blog then try these Themes-


2.Astra Pro

3.Salient WordPress Theme etc.

  • A CDN can be used (Content Delivery Network)

What is CDN ( Content Delivery Network ) ?

 A content delivery network (CDN) refers to a geographical group of servers working together to provide web content quickly.

A CDN enables the rapid transmission of content needed to load content over the Internet, including HTML pages, JavaScript files, stylesheets, images, and videos. CDN services are still becoming more popular, and most online traffic is now available through CDNs, including traffic from large sites such as Facebook, Netflix, and Amazon.


What is CDN

Is a web host the same as a CDN?

A CDN does not host content or replace actual web hosting, but it does help increase website speed by caching content at the network edge. Many websites are struggling to find traditional hosting services to meet their performance requirements.

CDNs are a popular solution for relieving some of the major pain points with traditional web hosting by using caching to reduce bandwidth usage, reduce service interruption, and improve security.

The advantages of CDN use?

Increasing the speed of loading a webpage

Reducing the price of bandwidth

Increasing the availability and redundancy of content

Increasing website security

  • Use WordPress SEO plugins And Tools

Because often we’re asked about the WordPress SEO plugins and tools we can recommend, we would like to tell you about these WordPress SEO plugins.

As a result, search engines are responsible for an immense amount of traffic for most websites on the internet. To help you rank higher in search results and dramatically expand your business, you should optimize your website for search engines.

Here, let’s look at our professional collection of the best plugins and tools for WordPress SEO.



3.Google Search Console

4.Rank Math

5.Google Keyword Planner

  •  Use Google Search Console 

Search Console  is a Google Free tool that helps anybody with their website understand how they search for Google and what they can do to increase their search appearance so that their websites receive more relevant traffic.

To get started, follow these steps:

  • To improve your blog’s search engine optimization, optimize each blog post

 Use your post with keywords-

After a few uses, relevant keywords have been chosen, and it is essential to place them where they are most effective for the people and search engine crawlers that index your content. Try the following places to include them:

  • Title
  • Headings and subheadings
  • Closing Paragraph
  • Title tags and meta descriptions
  • Anchor text (The clickable text in a hyperlink is known as anchor text.)

Use alt tag in images

 Be sure to include keywords in the image and include a keyword-rich description of the photo when uploading a photo to your blog.

  •  Use SSL/HTTPS certificates to more secure your Site

 When websites use SSL certificates, they may go from HTTP to HTTPS. This makes the websites more secure. An SSL certificate is a data file stored in the server from which a website is hosted. An SSL certificate is used to encrypt the content of an SSL/TLS transmission, as well as store a public key and other identifying information for the website.

What is ssl Certificate ?

SSL, often known as TLS, is a protocol that uses encryption to secure Internet communication and authenticate servers’ identities. Using an HTTPS web address indicates that a website is using SSL/TLS.


free ssl certificate

Example of Free SSl certificate

Let’s Encrypt


  • Your website needs to do keyword research before investing money in it.

 Now that you’ve learnt how to make your site appear in search results, let’s choose the keywords we want to focus on, and determine how to produce content for our website that addresses both searchers and web crawlers.

Better knowing your target market, as well as how people search for your information, services, or goods, gives you the ability to use keyword research effectively.

For more queries like these, you may consult keyword research, which provides you with search data that answers questions like:

  • What keywords or phrases are people Googling?
  • How many people are looking for it?
  • What information format do they prefer?
  •   Use backlinks and inter-backlinks to build links

 Internal BackLink-

Internal links are hyperlinks that link one page on a domain to another. The information is typically featured in the primary navigation. You can interlink your blog posts to boost ranking.

This sort of backlink is beneficial to your site in three ways:

They provide navigation to the website.

They assist in organizing the website’s material in the proper order.

A beneficial side benefit of link equity is that they help spread link power (rank position) among websites.

External Backlink-

Links lead to (target) any other domain, rather than the one in which the link is placed (source). Your site receives an external link when another website links to you. This is also called an external link if you reference another website in your article.

  • To boost click-through rate by using a meta description

A Meta description is a brief and to-the-point written description. They sum up the content of a web page in an article.

meta tag 2022


The description of your page’s meta tags will serve a valuable marketing purpose and help you achieve higher search engine rankings because when used properly, they can get your visitors to click on your link. Will inspire. Increased traffic to your site and higher CTR on Google helps in your search ranking.

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